Yum Cha!


Yum Cha – In Cantonese, it literally means “Drink Tea”.   It generally involves drinking tea while eating dim sum (bite-sized dishes on small plates.  Think tapas?).

Here, I’ll take the literal meaning of Yum Cha, and talk about tea pots.  Yixing Clay tea pots in particular.

Yixing is a city in Jiangsu province.  Their clay was first mined around 1,000 years ago.  Since the finished products are reddish, brownish, and purplish in color, they are also known as Zisha (literally means “Purple Sand”).   Different sands and minerals can be added to form various colors and textures.


Yixing Clay teapots have a special characteristic:  They are unglazed.  This way the teapot absorbs a tiny amount of tea into the pot every time during brewing.  After prolonged use, the pot will develop a coating that retains the flavor and color of the tea.  For that reason, to clean the pot, just rinse with water and air-dry.  Soap detergent should not be used.


And in order to retain the unique aroma of the tea, use one pot for each type of tea, otherwise the flavor will be corrupted.

These teapots come in various sizes, but in general they are much smaller than western teapots.  Some will skip the use of tea cup and drink directly from the teapot by pouring the tea from the sprout to the mouth directly!

IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1668

To serve tea, the first brew of the tea leafs is for cleaning the pot, and not to be consumed.

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IMG_1668 IMG_1669 IMG_1670

Their small sizes and unique designs are great as home decor as well.  And they are great party and wedding favors!

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