Play Fruit Slice Like a Real Samurai at Home

… well just kidding!  We do not encourage dangerous activity!  And please do not play with your food!

But we highly recommend you to display a katana replica at home to show off your samurai spirit.

All pieces below are available at our showroom, but in limited quantities.  Come visit us and bring them home while stock last.


This is a Ninjatō (ninja sword), which is a type of Chokutō (straight sword).  It comes with a tag “戦い” which means “Battle”.  Ninjatō is usually shorter than other swords, The scabbard (saya) is lacquered wood with a sign “忍”, meaning “patience”, or “ninja” (忍者). The saya of the ninjatō were often said to have been used for various purposes such as a snorkel or for overhearing conversations and as a weapon.  The scabbard is also said to have been longer than the blade of the ninjatō in order to store various objects.


Katana (“刀), which literally means sword, is used by Samurai and is very popular among collectors.  It is generally defined as the standard sized, moderately curved Japanese sword with a blade length greater than 60 cm.  This one has a scabbard with “名譽” (Honor) carved on.  The term Samurai is closely associated with Warrior (“武士”, bushi). A Samurai followed the path of the warrior, which was one of honor, emphasizing duty to one’s master, and loyalty unto death.

This has a tag “戦い”, again it means “battle”.


礼: Doing the proper thing at the proper time; Polite
仁: Benevolence
诚: Sincere, Honest, Truthful

Ways not only should be followed by Samurai, but by everyone.  The sword can be a visual reminder of how we should be.


Samurai usually carried Daishō (大小, “Big Little”): the longer Katana, and the shorter Wakizashi (“side inserted sword”).  This set here, the Kashira (the end of the handle) has a cobra head.  Fierce!


This is a Wakizashi, which is shorter than Katana.  It has “武” (literally means “martial”; in this context it is the “武” in “武士道”, Bushido, “the way of the warrior”).  The scabbard has a metal plate with carved design.

More styles and designs:


This Wakizashi has a nice wood handle and scabbard, with “武” carved on the handle, and  carved design on the scabbard.

Other than Katana, you can also display a Shinai.


Shinai is a bamboo sword used for practicing Kendo, meaning “Way of The Sword”, which is a modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting.

Chinese sword is an alternative to Japanese sword.


Jian “劍” is a double-edged straight sword.  In Chinese folklore, it is known as “The Gentleman of Weapons” and is considered one of the four major weapons.   Nowadays, Jianshu (Swordsmanship) is being practiced by martial arts (wushu) league, as and being considered as one of the most graceful weapsons used in wushu.  A tassel is added to the end of the pommel.  Historically these were likely used as lanyards, and the movement of the tassel may have served to distract opponents.  Nowadays it is mainly a decoration.

Have an interest in western or medieval swords?  We have them too:

IMG_1616 IMG_1623


All broadswords come with scabbards.

Please visit us for more selection.  However, stock is limited, so come in soon to find the one you like.  It is great for decoration, practicing martial arts, or even cosplay!

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