Farewell, my friends! And then a new beginning

Mayflower Oriental Arts started 30+ years ago as a Mom-and-Pop store (and as of today, it still is!) . Over the years, we learned, we overcome challenges, we met new friends. The shop grows with us, and of course, we are growing older too.

So we decided to make Year 2020 as the year for a new start. Time to spend more time with family, and on ourselves. Hello retirement!

Everything has a beginning, and an end. But when something ends, it always comes with a new beginning.

We would like to thank our customers. Without you, we won’t exist.

So come on in! Just like all closing sale, everything must go! You can’t find our quality products at better price anywhere else. Stock up for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or give your place a new look. Or even just come in to say Hi. Any questions? Our phone is still working! 905-267-3822. Or email to Tinopoon@gmail.com.

See you soon!

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